Let’s Play – Precursors – Parts 7 & 8

Treece finally makes it to orbit, only to find that everyone there is shooting at him as well. After blowing up some raiders, he escorts a freighter to the middle of nowhere, finds that the Empire has a very low threshold for success, intercepts a few smugglers and finds that even cheating won’t let him win a race. Just a typical orbital jaunt in Precursors!

Treece returns to Goldin to discover the actual start of the plot. He then learns that he has to track down the singer Falco on the show Glee… wait, the exiled Elder Falcao on the planet Gli. Or something like that. There, he gets a lot of experience for following a tour guide, rescues a tourist liner simply by showing up and finds out the best way to be saved by any religion is to simply give it a lot of money. Pretty much standard for a day in Precursors!

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