Let’s Play! – Precursors (Parts 1 & 2)

Part 1

Cadet pilot Treece Crichton crashes his ship on a hostile world, loses his colleagues (who can’t remember his name) to carnivorous plants, gets attacked by imperial robots then discovers he is in a computer simulation and that he is the One (or something). He then forgets all of it and is only able to look forward to getting into drunken brawls on a god-forsaken planet at the edge of the universe.

Part 2

Newly graduated space pilot Treece Crichton finds himself on the planet Goldin where his first assignment is to shake down the local merchants for cash. Meanwhile, he plants hidden microphones in bars for a random guy he meets in a hotel lobby, listens to a street preacher who insists that the entire world is inside a video game and does everything he can to avoid his girlfriend. Just another day in Precursors!

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