The Persistence of Budget

I try to be careful with my gaming budget these days so I buy most of my games on sale or at discount. The semi-annual Steam Sales (like the one that should be coming up in about a month) are good for adding to The Pile™ but weekly sales and the various bundle sites are good for this too. But sometimes this provokes odd reactions as well.

Last week I was looking at the BundleStars site and came across the “Reboot 4” bundle. This one has The Tropico Trilogy, Hard Reset Extended Edition, Combat Wings: Battle of Britain, Inquisitor Deluxe Edition, Zeno Clash 2 and The First Templar, all for around $3.00.

Now this is a typical bundle. There are a couple of games that looked interesting (Hard Reset, Inquisitor and The First Templar), a few that provoke a “Meh” reaction (Tropico: I have 4, this is 1 thru 3) and a few others that just add to The Pile™. But for $3 it’s hard to complain too much.

But in this case I found myself oddly irritated. Because I had just picked up Inquisitor a few weeks ago from Steam’s weekly sale for about $1.

It’s an odd reaction. Instead of getting three games I wanted for $1 apiece, I effectively got one for $1 and two for $1.50. Pretty much a negligible difference. But it annoyed me.

I think I’ve just gotten too used to these big sales. In some ways they are good, in that I keep The Pile™ growing even when finances are a bit tight. On the other hand, I start looking at reasonable or even really cheap prices as being high.

I got three games for $4. That’s cheaper than I’ve ever gotten games in… ever. I don’t know why it irritated me but it did. I guess because even though I got a good deal I could have gotten a better deal.

And I’m not sure how to manage that.

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