Steam Sale

The Steam Summer Sale has been running this past week. Steam has started to make a tradition of their twice-yearly sales where a lot of games (mostly from independent developers) go on extreme sales with additional promotion coming from Valve in the form of various games and achievements associated with the playing of the games.

This summer is no different. The “theme” for the sale this summer is a “summer camp” and there are achievements awarded for reaching certain levels or doing certain things in various games with different achievements being revealed each day. Most of these are for the indie games that they are promoting.

When you gain enough achievements you can trade them in on various things, mostly DLC for other games (or the inevitable TF2 hats).

For a variety of reasons I have had to cut back on my game purchases of late; the only full game I’ve bought this year was Dragon Age II, so the sale was a good way for me to pick up some new things to play on the cheap. For less than the cost of a full new game I’ve been able to add a good dozen games and/or DLCs to my pile. Here are a few highlights.

Hydrophobia: Prophecy – This one doesn’t have the best reviews out there but the developer has apparently completely revamped the game based on the original (negative) feedback and it is supposed to be much improved. It’s an FPS type game apparently with a lot of water physics based puzzles in it. At $3 it is probably worth checking out.

Singularity – The other “big” game I picked up. This one came out about a year ago but I never got around to it. This one is another FPS that features a “time manipulation” mechanic. I’ve seen some good comments on this one and look forward to trying it. It was also my biggest purchase on the sale at a breathtaking $7.50.

Neverwinter Nights II – Surprisingly I never played this one, but it was hard to turn down at just over $6.

Beyond those I picked up a handful of indie titles for a couple of bucks, mostly because they were associated with that day’s achievements (so those worked). Of these I’ve had the most fun with Defense Grid: The Awakening. This is a tower defense game and the first one I’ve spent any amount of time with but I’ve spent the most time with it of anything I’ve picked up lately. (The fact that I’m on vacation and it runs nicely on my laptop has something to do with that I’m sure.)

I also picked up Terraria since a lot of people have been comparing it to Minecraft which I have spent way too much time with. Having played with it for a while I have to say that I’m not seeing it. I may try it again on my main machine but I’m not expecting to spend much more time on it as of now.

The same can be said for Toki Tori. It’s kind of an interesting puzzle/platformer, but really isn’t my kind of game.

Another disappointment is Magicka. A lot of people seem to really enjoy it but my reaction so far is a resounding “Meh”. Part of this seems to be that I find the game to be stupid-hard, but that’s probably just me being a paleogamer. Others also seem to be playing multiplayer, which of course I am not (being the committed misanthrope I am) so that may be the difference there.

Finally I picked up Trine, based on what others have said about it, but I haven’t looked at it yet.

Beyond all that I grabbed the last of the DLC I was missing for Borderlands, Fallout: New Vegas and King Arthur so I’ll be looking at those once I get back to my main machine.

Not a bad haul for under $50. Maybe this will keep me occupied until the Winter Sale.

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