Steam Sale – Winter 2011 Continued

The Paleogamer

And so it’s over. The Steam sale has come and gone again. The “coupons” they were giving out this time turned out to be pretty much useless. I guess it worked as far as advertising their coupon platform went, but there was never anything there that interested me.

Still, I managed to pick up enough games to keep me occupied for the next few months for less than a single major release, so that worked out. Here’s a quick look at the rest.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth – A tower defense game, but in reverse! This time the player is the one trying to get past the towers to a destination instead of the one placing them. Looks to be an interesting variant.

Bulletstorm – I’ve heard that this is a silly, over-the-top FPS. The first level looks entertaining anyway. Probably worth the $5.

Machinum – An adventure game. Another of those I’ve heard a lot about but never got around to playing.

Solar II – A weird little game where you start off as an asteroid (!) and try to “evolve” into a black hole by absorbing other celestial bodies. Looks to be more complicated than it sounds.

S.P.A.Z. – Space Pirates and Zombies. I thought this was just another shump. I was wrong. It’s an interesting take on a 4X game. Build up your mothership, build up your fleet, research upgrades, collect resources and explore the galaxy. I’ll probably be spending more time on this one.

Puzzle Agent 1 & 2 – Another adventure type game, this one revolving around puzzles. Looks like fun so far.

Add in a few DLC for other games and that’s it. Should keep me occupied for the next few months. Once I quit playing Skyrim anyway. Assuming I do that before Mass Effect 3 comes out anyway.

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