Random Thoughts on a Walk

The Lonely Misanthrope

It’s a nice, sunny day, I guess I’ll do my walk outside today.

I usually do this loop to the left. Maybe I’ll do it to the right today. Mix things up.

There’s always a lot of traffic on this road. A lot of dump truck out today though. Man, those things are loud. Hard to hear my headphones.


This gas station has been empty a long time. Wonder if they’ll ever put anything else here.

There sure is a lot of trash out here beside the road. People are always throwing crap out of their cars. Sigh.

And a ridiculous amount of it is cigarette butts.

Big open field here. Owner is probably unhappy that he didn’t have someone who wanted to build on it, but nice to have it here.

Lizard just ran across the sidewalk and disappeared into the grass.


Nice view of Kennesaw Mountain from this direction. Never noticed it when walking the other way.

Looks like I’m not the only one out walking today. Not going to walk as fast as those people though. Too hot.

At least there’s less car traffic on this road.


Turning again. Man, no one has cleared the sidewalk here lately.

Going up under the Interstate again. That’s really loud. You never notice how loud traffic is until you walk around it.

Or how much trash people dump out either. Bunch of crap under the bridge.

Literal crap, actually. Looks like a used diaper. Sigh.


Little creek over here.

Looks like they’re doing a lot of construction down this road. Something for the university, it says. “Sports Complex”. Ever notice that schools are always building sports complexes but seem to have to hold classes in portable buildings?

There’s a lesson right there, I suppose.

They’re spraying water around for something. Mud all over the road.


Building something across the street here. Student apartments. Man, those things look nicer than the apartment I lived in when I first graduated. Apparently I went to the wrong school.

I thought the other traffic was loud. Can’t hear a thing over this construction equipment.

Need to turn back towards the office here. At least this part of the road is shady.

Huge soccer field with no bleachers. I guess the spectators… stand beside the field? Seems odd.

Maybe it’s just a practice field.

Nope, they have ticket windows. I guess everyone just stands.

More apartments. Hey, they have a walking trail down there. Wonder if I could use it. It may run down to that creek.

There would be a lot less traffic noise, I bet. And no used diapers.

Oh well, here’s my office again. Guess I have to go back to work. Too bad. It’s a nice, sunny day.

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