Random Thoughts at the Mall

It’s cold. It’s wet. I can’t do my daily walk outside. Guess I’ll go walk around the mall for a while.

Crowded in here. Guess everyone else had the same idea.

Why are all of you just standing here? You’re in the middle of the walkway. Do you have to stand in a line across the walkway just to talk?

Huh, looks like the music store is going away. Big sale, maybe I should go check it out.

Nah, when was the last time I bought a physical CD. I’d just have to rip it to get it on my phone anyway; I’ll just get whatever from Apple or Amazon.

Guess that’s why the music store is closing.

Another empty store. Looks like they’ve got a lot of those.

Oh great, a bunch of people taking a survey. Let’s see if I can dodge past them.

Another pretzel place? There are three pretzel places in this mall? Do people really like pretzels that much?

Man, there are a lot of carts selling iPhone cases too. Is there really that big of a market for those things?

Now a bunch of moms with strollers just standing in the middle of the walkway.

Are Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister the same store? Just wondering.

A train? There’s a kiddie train driving around inside the mall? Do they not want people to walk around here?

Shoe stores. Man, there’s a awful lot of those here too. Do people really buy that many shoes?

Ah, there’s a kiddie play area here. That explains the train and the stroller moms. Lots of stroller moms.

Why are there two Macy’s here?

And here’s a third eyeglasses place. Are there two or three of everything here?

Well, not music stores. Just one of those. And it’s closing.

More survey people. I’ll just scoot past them. More stroller moms too.

Heh. The guy in the business suit with the laptop is playing World of Warcraft. Getting in a raid in over lunch, I suppose.

Wait… Alliance? Sigh.

How many cell phone kiosks does one mall need?

Sears sells eyeglasses as well it seems. So that’s four eyeglass places. Still more iPhone case carts I think.

An empty slot in the food court too. Someone should put a pretzel place there.

A Starbucks. Of course there’s a Starbucks.

Lots of laptop people here. Wonder if I could take mine from work and work from here.

Another shoe store. I think we must be coming up on the shoe event horizon or something.

And another conversation jam. Go around it.

That kid really wants to go into the Disney store. Stroller mom needs to take him to the play area. Maybe let him ride the train.

OK, one more lap then I need to go back to work. Maybe I’ll get a pretzel before I do.

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