Random Musings on the Steam Summer Sale

Well, another Steam Sale has come and gone. I didn’t pick up much this time around. Part of it of course is that I have way too many games currently in The Pile™, but part of it too is that I think I’m starting to get tired of certain kinds of games.

There were a couple of games that I was interested in that hit sale points. Bioshock: Infinite and Far Cry 3 both came in at $7.50 and Borderlands 2 dropped to $5.00. I had fun with the predecessors of these games so I was a bit surprised when I found myself hesitating over the “Add to Cart” button. I think part of it is because while I enjoy stories in games (and I’m told Bioshock: Infinite at least has a good one) I’ve decided I’m tired of shooting thousands of people in the face in order to get to them.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing a lot of adventure games lately because of the “Let’s Play!” videos I’ve been doing, but I’ve started thinking that the story is more important than the gamey things I have to do to get to it. I enjoyed Lifeless Planet that I talked about last week because story and exploration were more central to the game. Yeah, I thought the jumping was a bit annoying after a while, but entering an area and seeing a dozen rock outcroppings doesn’t provoke the same groan I give when I see a dozen chest-high barriers between me and the next door.

I know there needs to be some kind of challenge in a game, and I’m deliberately playing a game and not reading a book because I like interactivity in my stories, but I think there needs to be something besides just endless waves of enemies to provide the challenge. Puzzles and conversation trees provide that in adventure gaming and the success of things like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us shows that people will play those. Sure, both games have violence but they are more concerned with when to resort to it and how you react to it than how many headshots you can line up.

In the end I didn’t pick up too many games this time around. I did pick up The Bureau, which is probably close to a shooter, but I’m hoping it is skewing closer to the RPG end of things than the shooter end. I also grabbed the new Tomb Raider but again I’m hoping it errs on the story side.

So it isn’t like I don’t want there to be any shooting in the game at all, it’s just that I start getting disappointed when that seems to be the main part of the game. And even that seems to be kinda arbitrary based on how I feel about the game. Who knows, maybe I’ll pick them up in the Winter Sale. Or maybe I’ll find something else by then.

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