Echo Bazaar – Wandering the Paths of Wilmot’s End

So I’m wandering the paths of Wimot’s End. I know them well by now. I stop by the man with the bowler and tell him why I am here. I then spy on the faithful functionary to see what is in his paperwork. I then go back to the man with the bowler to promise not to kill anyone then swap a duffel bag for a different duffel bag five times before checking in with the woman feeding the fish. After I complete this sequence three times, she gives me a set of Collated Research.

Yes, I am still playing Echo Bazaar. Sadly, I have reached the current limit on the story, my stats are all currently maxed out at 120 and I am just grinding out the storylets necessary to get the next item out of the Bazaar Side Streets. Right now I am working on collecting Collated Research in order to join God’s Editors. I need 12. It takes 11 actions in Wilmot’s End to raise my “Dramatic Tension” by 1 point. I need to raise it to 2 (three points) to get one set of research. So 33 actions plus one more to collect the research means I can get (almost) 3 per day if I do nothing else. That’s 4 days to get the 12 I need.

Sadly, that’s all I really have to do right now. Before this I ground out War of Assassins missions in the Forgotten Quarter in order to get enough “Use of Villains” to get my own Gang of Hoodlums. I only needed 8 of those but got confused and ground out 12. Then it was off to Wilmot’s End and a search for a missing woman in order to grind out 12 “Strong Backed Labor” so that I could move a Basalt Gymnasium to my lodgings. After that I got bored and spent a large number of items I had collected over the past 8 months of play (including 12,000 Whispered Secrets) in order to get a Voluminous Library.

Frankly there isn’t that much going on right now. I spent days getting the items I needed to get my own ship (a Swift Zee-Clipper, thank you very much) before getting bored and buying the last step with Fate in order to actually get to another piece of story. The places it took me (Hunters Keep and Mutton Island) were nicely evocative, but after a day or two it was back to Fallen London and grinding in Wilmot’s End.

I even spent the Fate to investigate Flute Street, which again was quite evocative and intriguing but after a day or two I had exhausted everything there and returned home.

There aren’t really any storylets left for me to explore right now. The only main storyline I haven’t finished is the one involving breeding a beast for the Bishop of Southwark but really don’t find that one that interesting. I’m slowing working on the Needs of a Singular Plant and increasing my Serenity of the Plaster Face but both of those only show up on Opportunity Cards and so I have to wait for them.

And so I keep wandering the paths of Wilmot’s End. Perhaps this time I’ll follow the Agent of the Tsar instead of the Faithful Functionary. I still need 8 more Collated Research.

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