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Every now and then I look at the “everyone” stream from Twitter. The out-of-context glimpses into other people’s conversations can be often both enlightening and amusing. Here are a few from today…

Ooooh! I seem to detect a teeny tiny hint of something that MIGHT be considered sarcastic there((Sarcasm ftw!))

Just talked to friend living in NYC. No kids. One cat. Husband who makes 1.5 million a year. Bitch ((Tell us how you REALLY feel))

I’ve been saying it wrong too, apparently. I’ve been telling moms locally to go wear their babies in a drink!((Buwh?))

Boarded train at Poughkeepsie station bound for Grand Central. :a new earth: ((I wouldn’t go THAT far… well, maybe relative to Poughkeepsie))

RAPTOR ATTAAAACK ((I hope this wasn’t a warning. Or a distress call.))

Aaah hell. One of Diaz’ men is stealing money, and Diaz is pissed. Looks like I get to find his stash and waste his ass ((When video games tweet))

WOW! Fleshlight has a Twitter ((No, I’m not going to look))

I am NOT the only public librarian here, but I am the only one not talking in acronym-ese! ((Um… OK.))

NOOOO I FORGOT TO OPEN THE BLINDS TODAY I’M SO SORRY ((I REALLY want to know the context for this one))

Today: Wandering around a strange city with some lighting equipment; then some bedding; all the while wearing a rival city’s football shirt ((I’m sure this made sense to someone))

ONLY the fruits I named “neutral fruits”~ONLY these 4; i.e., pears, pineapples~papaya~apples~&tomatoes~cukes~avocados~ peppers ((Is that 4 or 8? I’m so confused! Are the extras the Chaotic-Neutral and Neutral-Evil fruits?))

How messy can a Class Diagram (UML) be ? Yours is not messy enought ? Give it to me, I will show how messy can it be ! ((Thanks for the offer! I have a meeting this afternoon!))

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