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So I went down to the local Borders this past weekend, the one down at The Avenue in Marietta. It felt a bit like being part of a feeding frenzy. There were a lot of people there, a lot more than I had seen the last few times I was there, most of them trying to take advantage of the ongoing closeout.

I feel bad seeing them go away. I was actually a semi-regular shopper there. While a lot of my casual reading is on my Kindle these days, I did tend to buy my bigger computer or travel books there because I liked being able to compare one book to another before buying it and that’s something I really can’t do on-line. Guess I can’t do that anymore.

I suppose I can wander down to the Barnes & Nobel now, but they aren’t as convenient to me. Maybe they’ll open a store at The Avenue location. Or not.

In my totally uninformed opinion that I get to express on the Internet I think Borders’ problems started when they started devoting so much of their floor space to DVDs and CDs. I don’t need to physically see those to compare one to the other to decide which to buy, and who buys physical media for music these days anymore anyway?

I did buy a DVD from them as a gift this past Christmas but that was an exception to my usual rule. I suspect the same is true for most people.

Even on my latest visit I didn’t even visit that part of the store. I was looking for books. Which is why I think that was the problem.

Borders closeout haul

So I did come home with a good stack, all stuff I would probably have bought eventually. Especially the Reynolds and Banks books; they were on my to-buy list already, this just prompted me to go ahead and get them.

It does prompt me to think of how much of entertainment is transitioning to digital media though. I get all my music from iTunes or Amazon now, most of my casual reading is on my Kindle and most of my games I download from Steam, GoG or GamersGate. I used to find my shelves of books and CDs impressive. Now they sit in boxes in storage.

Have we lost something in the transition to digital? I don’t know. I still buy the occasional DVD but more and more I just watch them from Netflix. It’s nice not to have them take up all that space. But there was something about walking into my office and seeing that wall of books that is missing now.

I don’t know. At least I’ve got my reading covered for the next few months.

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