The Amazing Wraiths


Episode 3: Why Don’t You Throw Yourself in Next Time? (Rivendell to Lothlorien)

Video: Montage of shots showing an ornate palace and surrounding village nestled in a valley. Camera zooms in to show a figure standing at the top of one of the towers.

Phil Keoghan: Rivendell. The latest Pit Stop in a Race across Middle Earth. A Race to destroy the One Ring of Power. Teams arrived here at the end of the last leg of their journey for a mandatory rest period; a chance to eat, sleep and mingle with the other teams.

Video: Scenes of teams arriving in Rivendell and being greeted by Elrond and Arwen. “Welcome to Rivendell”. Other scenes of teammembers talking to each other. Shots of Aragorn flirting with Arwen, Legolas and Gimli arguing and of Boromir staring at Frodo.

Phil: Will Legolas and Gimli overcome their differences and start working together? Will Boromir continue to work with his teammate Aragorn, or will he allow his obvious attraction for the Ring carried by rival team member Frodo to sway his judgement. And, will we ever see both Gandalfs, the Grey and the White, together. Find out tonight on, The Amazing Wraiths.

Opening Credits: Dramatic music plays. Quick montage of scenes from around Middle Earth. Rowing boats on the river Isen, horseback riding in Rohan, climbing among the rocks of Mt. Doom, etc. Interspersed with the images are shots of all of the teams. The montage ends with the title The Amazing Wraiths

Scene: Gates of Rivendell. Frodo and Sam approach.

Phil: (Voiceover) Frodo and Sam, having used their Fast Forward after Frodo’s injury at Weathertop, were the first to arrive at Rivendell at the end of the last leg and so have not only gained the right to carry the One Ring, they are also the first to leave for this leg of the Race.

Frodo: (Ripping open envelope and reading contents) Travel to the base of Mt. Caradhras in the Misty Mountains. You must travel by foot; use of eagles is not allowed. (Looks up.) Come on, Sam.

Video: Quick zoom across Middle Earth to the Misty Mountains.

Phil: (Voiceover) Teams must now travel on foot across treacherous terrain to the base of the rugged Misty Mountains, all the while avoiding the spies of Sauron and the fighting Uruk-ai from Isengard.

Interview Segment:

Samwise: Everyone seems to think that Mister Frodo and I can’t keep up the pace, but they’re forgettin’ that we picked up some taters and carrots back in Farmer Maggot’s field, so we’s eatin’ better than the rest of them. I think they’re going to be surprised.

Scene: Gates of Rivendell. Merry & Pippin and Aragorn & Boromir arrive together.

Merry: (Reading clue.) Get to Mt. Caradhras. (Looks around.) Mt. Caradhras? Where’s that?
Boromir: Gondor! That’s in the direction of Gondor!
Aragorn: Steady on, friend. Let’s not jump to conclusions.

Interview Segment:

Boromir: Everyone wants to destroy the Ring. “Throw it into Mount Doom!” they say. (Leans forward.) Well, I plan to win this Race and claim the Ring for Gondor and I’m not above playing dirty to get it.

Scene: Gates of Rivendell: Legolas & Gimli and Gandalf the Grey arrive. Gandalf keeps gesturing to someone off-screen who seems to be ignoring him.

Legolas: (reading clue) Travel to Mt. Caradhras. No eagles.
Gandalf: No eagles? Bleep! I was… I mean, we were counting on them!
Gimli: Ah-ha! Caradhras! Maybe we can stop in to see my cousin Balin! (to Legolas) I’ll introduce you to to real Dwarven hospitality!
Legolas: (rolling eyes) I’ll be looking forward to it.

Interview Segment

Gimli: Legolas and I really do get on pretty well. I mean, we have that whole elf/dwarf thing going against us and that shows up a lot in our interactions but I think we can overcome that and I hope that this Race can really help us strengthen our friendship.

Video: Various scenes of teams travelling across Middle Earth. A flock of birds controlled by Sauron forces the lead teams to hide and allows the others to catch up. All teams are bunched up as they arrive at the base of the Misty Mountains.

Scene: The teams arrive at the base of a forbidding mountain. A clue box and several Race flags are visible. Everyone rushes to the box and pulls out envelopes.

Sam: (yelling) Detour, Mister Frodo! Detour!

Phil: A Detour is a choice of two possible tasks, each with its own pros and cons. In this case, the two choices are “White Climb” or “Black Walk”.

Video: Scenes of a steep, snow covered mountainside.

Phil: (Voiceover) In “White Climb”, the players must attempt to cross the Pass of Caradhras. It’s a steep, cold and difficult journey but they will only have to face the forces of nature.

Video: Scenes of a ruined, underground city.

Phil: (Voiceover) In “Black Walk”, the players must pass under the mountains by using the Mines of Moria. The passage is dark but otherwise easy. But, their journey will be opposed by orcs and other, darker, denizens of the deep under mountain.

Gandalf: There is much danger under the mountains. We must try for the Pass!
Pippin: Climbing? Caves? That’s it? That’s our only choices? This is crazy! I can’t do this! (Sits down to sulk, Merry attempts to cheer him up.)
Gimli: The Mines of Moria! Didn’t I tell you! My cousin Balin will surely welcome all of us there!
Legolas: I am not sure. Lately a shadow and a threat have been growing in my mind and I am not certain that our passage there would be unobserved.

Interview Segment

Gimli: I had hoped to convince everyone to take the Mines. I was certain that Balin could provide us with supplies and I was counting on convincing him to delay the other teams long enough for us to get to the lead.

Sam: I’m not sure about this Mister Frodo. What do you think?
Frodo: Let’s wait and see what the others do.
Aragorn: Let us take the pass. (Starts running) Come, Boromir!
Boromir: (muttered) Come, Boromir… Come, Boromir… (yells) You still aren’t king, you know!. (Runs after Aragorn.)
Frodo: Come on, Sam! (Runs off, Sam following.)
Merry: Hey, wait for us! (Runs off after the others, Pippin reluctantly following.)

Interivew Segment

Merry: To be honest, we really weren’t sure where we were going so I figured the best thing to do would be to follow Strider. I figured that since he was a Ranger he should know what he was doing.

Gandalf: (Gestures to someone off-screen several times, then throws up his hands in frustration and runs off as well.)
Legolas: Come on, Gimli. They’re getting ahead of us!
Gimli: But… but… the Mines! Balin!
Legolas: (Already running up the mountain.) Come on!

Interview Segment

Legolas: I was desperate to keep Gimli out of the Mines. I didn’t want him partaking in the revelries of a Dwarven hall. If he had run into Balin, he would probably still be down there drinking ale and singing Dwarven songs.

Scene: Teams struggling up the side of the mountain. The deep snow is particularly difficult for the Hobbits and for Gimli, who are following the trail of Aragorn & Boromir and one of the Gandalfs. Legolas is walking on top of the snow and doesn’t look happy with Gimli’s pace.

Interview Segment

Legolas: Attempting to cross the Pass of Caradhras was probably one of the most frustrating parts of the Race for me. I knew that I would be able to make it across but it was pretty quickly obvious that Gimli couldn’t make it. (Sighs) Dwarves make a living by tunneling underground and so you would think that tunneling through snow would be a piece of cake for them but apparently that isn’t the case.

Gandalf: The Pass was much more difficult than I… we had expected it to be. I’m just glad that all of the other teams were having as much trouble as we were. Especially Legolas and Gimli; I had expected them to pass everyone there but apparently Gimli couldn’t handle the snow.

Scene: Teams are trapped in the snow by a sudden avalanche.

Boromir: We aren’t going to make it!
Aragorn: Hang on!
Boromir: We aren’t going to make it! We must turn back!
Aragorn: We’ll lose too much time!
Boromir: We’ll lose more than time if we keep going this way! I’m going back! (Turns and starts back down the mountain. Aragorn looks after him in frustration for a few moments then follows.)
Pippin: (Near panic) They’re going back down!
Merry: Then we’ll follow them.
Pippin: But, why are they going back down!
Sam: We must turn back, sir!
Frodo: Don’t give up, Sam!
Sam: But, what should we do?
Frodo: (Thinks) Let’s try the Mines. We can’t make it through this snow on our own. (Both Hobbit teams turn back down the Mountain.)
Gimli: I’m going back too! (Starts back down. Legolas pulls his bow and aims at him, then sighs, replaces it and hurries after Gimli.)
Gandalf: Ha-ha! The fools. (To someone off-screen) Come on! This is our chance. (Starts struggling forward then stops and looks behind him.) Wait! Where are you going? We can do this! Come back! Come… (He sags and looks down.) Bleeping idiot! (Hurries back down.)

Scene: The base of a cliff with a dark pool of water nearby. A stone door is set into the cliff with a Race flag and clue box next to it. Teams hurry into view.

Boromir: (reaching box first and reading clue) Roadblock!

Phil: A Roadblock is a task which only one Team member can perform and they must choose who will perform the task without knowing for certain what it is. In this case, that person should be good with riddles.

Sam: A Roadblock? In the middle of a Detour?

Phil: (Reappears briefly, shrugs, then disappears again.)

Boromir: (Reading) …that person should be good with riddles. (Looks up.) I’ll do it!
Sam: (Reading) …good with riddles. You do it sir!
Merry: I’m good with riddles! I’m the brains of this team!

Interview Segment

Pippin: Merry is always going on about how he’s the brains of the Team. It’s frustrating sometimes, since he usually does some of the dumbest things. Of course, that’s a Brandybuck for you!

Gimli: Me! I’m no good at riddles!
Legolas: Yes, but it’s a Dwarvish area!
Gandalf: (Flipping open clue) “Speak friend, and enter”… What the bleep?
Merry: “Speak friend, and enter”? What does that mean?
Frodo: That isn’t a riddle! That’s a guessing game!
Gollum: (Peeking over rock) It’s as much of a riddle as “What have I got in my pocket?”
Frodo: Huh?
Gollum: Nevermind. (Slinks off)
Merry: Open seaseme!
Pippin: Wrong book.
Merry: Abracadabra!
Pippin: (Sighs)
GandalfAnnon edhellen, edro hi ammen! Fennas nogothrim, lasto beth lammen! (Nothing happens)
Gandalf: (Confused look) Edro, edro! (More nothing happens) Bleep!
Boromir: Argh! This whole thing is stupid! (Starts picking up rocks and throwing them into the pool in frustration until Aragorn manages to calm him down.)
Merry: (Getting idea) Gandalf, what’s the elven word for “friend”?
Gandalf: (Irritated) Mellon. Why?

Scene: The stone door swings open.

Merry: Hey hey! I got it! (Everyone crowds around and congratulates Merry, except for Gandalf.)
Gandalf: (Muttering to himself) Idiot. I’m a bleeping idiot! (Gestures to someone off-screen and, glancing at the crowd around Merry, scurries through the door.)

Scene: Dark chamber. Gandalf enters and, after gesturing for someone to follow, causes his staff to emit light and looks around. Long-dead bodies of dwarves can be seen scattered around.

GandalfBleep! (Others come running into chamber)
Gimli: Balin! Balin! It’s me! Gim… Oh bleep!
Legolas: (Examining body of dwarf) Orcs!
Boromir: (Puzzled) No, they’re dead dwarves. (Pause) Oh! You mean they were killed by orcs!

Interview Segment

Aragorn: Boromir is a stout companion and a solid supporter of Gondor but he also finds it difficult to resist the call of the Ring. Plus, he’s about as bright as a box of rocks. (Shakes head) And everyone wonders why I don’t want to be king of these people…

Sam: Sir! Let’s get out of here!
Frodo: I think you’re right, Sam!
Merry: Pippin, let’s go! Pippin?
Pippin: (Already running for exit)
Gimli: (Crying) Balin!
Legolas: (Looking around) Come! We must go!

Scene: The teams run back for the exit of the mines. Outside, a multi-tentacled creature rises from the pool and attacks them, chasing them back inside. The creature then collapses the cliff above the door, trapping them.

Phil: (To creature) Thanks. I was getting tired of these teams changing back-and-forth on the Roadblocks all the time. Cthulhu fthagn!
Creature: Bloop!

Scene: Interior of Moria. Teams are looking dejectedly at the pile of rubble blocking the exit.

Pippin: Now, that’s what I call a Roadblock!
Merry: Shut up!
Gandalf: Fool of a Took! (Lights staff) This way!

Interview Segment

Gandalf: I… er, we had hoped to lose the others in the Mines but we needed the light in order to see ourselves and it was so dark in the Mines that everyone else was able to follow us.

Video: Clips of teams traveling through the ruined underground city.

Interview Segment

Legolas: I almost hate to admit this, but I was quite impressed with the workmanship displayed by the dwarves in Moria. It was almost up to Elven standards. It is unfortunate that we were unable to remain longer. Still, I feel that my brief visit there did help me understand Gimli a bit better and that our relationship improved after our brief time in the Mines.

Scene: The teams arrive outside of the Tomb of Balin. There is a sign on the side of the door. Merry attempts to read it but Gandalf shoves him aside.

Gandalf: (Reading) “Tomb of Balin and Bridge of Khazad-dum – Operating Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.”Bleep!
Sam: 8:00 am!
Frodo: Nothing to do but wait, I suppose. (Settles down to wait, as do the other teams.)
Gandalf: (Continuing to read) “Drums. Drums in the deep. They are coming.” What the bleep?

Interview Segment

Gimli: I was quite saddened that we could not spend more time in Moria. It seemed almost wrong for me to be in what was such a special place for my people and not be able to spend more time there. I will certainly plan to return after the Race is over for a proper visit.

Scene: The teams wait outside the Tomb. As opening hour approaches, they start to stir. Pippin idly picks up a stone and tosses it into a well. The sound of it hitting the bottom echos through the room and disturbs everyone.

Gandalf: (Angry) Fool of a Took! Throw yourself in next time!

Interview Segment

Pipin: I don’t know what everyone is so on about. Boromir was throwing stones into the pool outside and this spawn of Cthulhu thingy came out and attacked everyone but no one says anything to him about it! I toss a pebble into a well and suddenly everyone is treating me like I’m about to bring hordes of orcs down on us.
Merry: You did bring hordes of orcs down on us!
Pipin: Yes, but… that’s not the point, is it?

Scene: Everyone is getting their packs together when the sound of drums is heard. The drums get closer and Frodo suddenly pulls his sword to reveal that it is glowing.

Sam: Orcs!
Aragorn: Stand ready!

Video: Hordes of orcs sweep into the chamber. The teams all draw weapons and begin a runing fight towards the Bridge of Khazad-dum. A quick montage of scenes shows that all of them are exceptional fighters; even the Hobbits do surprisingly well. A cave troll appears and seems to kill Frodo at one point but it is revealed that he is wearing mithril armor and survives.

Interview Segment

Aragorn: The battle under Moria was the first time all of us had fought together and I was quite pleased to see that everyone turned their energies to fighting the orcs instead of each other. Frodo gave us quite a scare at one point but he was all right. I want to win this Race but I want to do it cleanly and fairly, not on the bodies of my opponents.

Boromir: I thought I had my chance when that cave troll skewered Frodo but it turned out that that little Hobbit was wearing a suit of Mithril Silver. If it weren’t for that, I would have had the Ring and Aragorn and I would have been halfway to Gondor by now.

Frodo: My uncle Bilbo had given me his suit of Mithril armor before I left on the Race. He said he had worn it when he had run an earlier version of the Race and thought it might bring me good luck. Of course, I never realized how expensive it really was which was probably just as well. If I had known it was worth more than the entire Shire I would probably have left it behind.

Video: Teams continue to fight the orcs and find themselves at the edge of the Bridge of Khazad-dum. Suddenly, the orcs scatter as a Balrog appears.

Gandalf: (Resigned) A Balrog. (Sigh) Bleep!
Aragorn: (Drawing sword) Boromir! With me!
Boromir: Yeah, right!
Legolas: (Stepping up and drawing bow) I am with you!
Gimli: (Stepping up and drawing axe) As am I!
Gandalf: No! You cannot defeat this foe! To the Bridge!
Boromir: No need to tell me twice! (Runs off)
Frodo: Let’s go, Sam! (Runs. Sam follows. Merry and Pippin are already far ahead.)
Aragorn: To the bridge. (Falls back with Legolas and Gimli.)

Interview Segment

Legolas: I hated to leave Gandalf to face the Balrog alone, especially since Gimli and I had been in an alliance with him since Rivendell, but he did offer to do so and at this point in the Race we needed to start thinking about our own, individual positions as well as that of the entire Fellowship.

Video: Teams run from the Balrog and across the Bridge of Khazad-dum. Gandalf is bringing up the rear when he suddenly stops and starts gesturing wildly to someone behind him. The Balrog rears up in front of him and he brandishes his staff.

Gandalf: I wield the flame of Arnor! You shall not pass! (Slams staff into bridge)

Video: The bridge shatters and the Balrog falls into the depths. As it does, it lashes out with the whip it is wielding and grabs Gandalf. Gandalf is pulled from the bridge but manages to hang onto it for a few seconds.

Gandalf: (Hanging onto bridge) Fly, you fools! Bleep! (Falls)

Interview Segment

Aragorn: Gandalf sacrificed himself so that the rest of us would be able to complete the leg of the Race. It was a noble thing to do and affected all of us deeply.

Legolas: After seeing the bridge shatter, I thought that maybe I should rethink my new opinion on Dwarven workmanship.

Video: Teams rush along several flights of stairs, dodging occasional orc patrols until they emerge on the far side of the mountain.

Scene: A clue box sitting on a sloping field. The teams stagger up. Some are in obvious shock.

Interview Segment

Pippin: I was stunned. I mean, the Gandalfs were another team and so our opponents but it was horrible to see anyone fall like that.

Aragorn: I try to remember Gandalf as an honorable companion who gave his life that the rest of us could continue with the Race. He was our opponent, but he was also our friend and companion and I choose to remember him that way.

Boromir: I’m ashamed to admit that all I could think of was “I guess no one gets Eliminated this leg.”

Scene: Frodo and Aragorn pull clue envelopes from the box, followed by Legolas and Merry.

Aragorn: (Ripping open clue and reading it) Travel to the forest and the next Pit Stop in Lothlorien. You must travel by foot. No eagles.
Sam: We get to see elves again, Mister Frodo!
Gimli: Lothlorien! I have heard that an elf witch dwells there!
Legolas: It is the home of Celeborn and the Lady Gladriel. (Smiles) Now I can show you elven hospitality.
Gimli: Bah!

Video: Camera zooms across Middle Earth to a large forest then into it to the city of Lothlorien.

Phil: Lothlorien; home of Celeborn and Gladriel and the latest Pit Stop in this Race across Middle Earth.

Video: Various scenes of teams rushing across open terrain. Arriving at the forest, they find a route marked with Race flags and follow it to where Phil, Celeborn and Gladriel are waiting.

Scene: Frodo and Sam come rushing up and step onto the mat.

Celeborn: Welcome to Lothlorien.
Phil: Frodo and Sam, you’re team number one.
Frodo: Yes!
Sam: Very good Mister Frodo.
Phil: There’s something else for you as well. For being the first team to arrive, you will receive a free peek into the Mirror of Gladriel.
Frodo: That’s great. That’s really great. You know, after that Nazgul stabbed me back at Weathertop I was certain that we were out of the Race. But now, with back to back first place finishes, I think we’ve shown everyone else that we’re in this for the long run.

Scene: Aragorn and Boromir arrive at the mat.

Celeborn: Welcome to Lothlorien.
Phil: Aragorn… Boromir… you’re team number two.
Aragorn: Thank you. (Kisses Gladriel’s hand.)
Boromir: (Snort) I told you we shouldn’t have stopped to help those Hobbits.

Scene: Legolas and Gimli arrive.

Celeborn: Legolas, we welcome you to Lothlorien. We accept that this… Gimli… will be with you, but he must be on his best behavior while he is here.
Gimli: (grumble)
Legolas: Gimli has proven himself to be an honorable comrade. If he is not welcome here, then neither am I!
Gimli: Huh?
Gladriel: Hush, Legolas. We know of the spirit of this one. Sir dwarf, please accept my welcome to the land of Lothlorien.
Gimli: (embarrassed, drops to one knee) Um… Um… Thank you, my lady.
Phil: (somewhat amused) Legolas and Gimli… You are the third team to arrive.
Gimli: See! I told you!
Legolas: Let us go, my friend.

Scene: Merry and Pippin arrive and step onto the mat. They are arguing with each other.

Merry: It isn’t my fault. I hadn’t had anything to eat since breakfast, you know.
Pippin: You could have eaten some of the carrots. You didn’t have to stop and cook a meal!
Merry: I didn’t know you had carrots!
Pippin: You could have asked!
Celeborn: Welcome to Lothlorien.
Merry: Huh?
Pippin: What?
Phil: Merry and Pippin, you are team number four.
Pippin: Yes! We’re still in this!
Merry: Told ya!

Scene: Teams wander into Lothlorien to rest for the next leg.

Interview Segment

Aragorn: We are grateful for this opportunity to rest, but we cannot truly rest until we have achieved our goal.

Boromir: (Obviously uncomfortable) I thought my goal was clear. But, it is like this woman, this Gladriel, can see my innermost thoughts. And, I cannot be proud of what she sees there.

Gimli: I thought I had seen beauty before, but now that I have lain eyes on the Lady I realize that all before has been swept away. I am truly humbled.

Frodo: I will carry the Ring where ever I must; even into the depths of Mordor itself.
Sam: We will do it together, Mister Frodo. We will.

Phil: Next week, on The Amazing Wraiths. Teams race to Arganoth but tensions between Boromir and Frodo may tear their teams apart. Then, Frodo and Sam’s choice of which Detour to perform will change the Race for everyone. Who will be Eliminated next week?

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