Dreams of the Dreamer’s Dreams

I donned my dream suit and lay in my bed and was deep within my dream.

In the dream I was in a world of shafts and corridors, doors and windows. As I climbed and walked and slid between them I passed others. They smiled and nodded as I passed but I did not stop them on their journies nor did they stop me in mine. Soon I came to the door I was seeking. The guard outside hesitated then smiled and stepped aside, proceeding on his way. I entered to find my bed wtih myself lying in it. But the bed was wide so I lay beside myself.

I slept into another world, this one of warm inviting waters and islands covered with cool, dim forests. There were others here too, but I did not ignore them nor did they ignore me. We talked and laughed and traveled together, lying on the warm sand or swimming in the cool oceans.

But inevitably after the long days I became tired again. One of my companions and I slipped into the forest where we found the small, guarded hut. Its guardian smiled in recognition of me and stepped aside, allowing us to enter the room with the wide bed. There were suits there for both of us and we donned them then lay together in the bed.

We slept into a world of magnificent mountains and abysmal valleys. For days we explored this world together, climbing to the peaks of the highest crags and navigating the depths of the dimly lit valley floors. But soon the magnificence and desolation became wearying on us so we were both glad when we arrived at the hut, addressed its guardian and slipped inside.

When we awoke I was delighted that my companion was still by my side. Together we explored a world of sunlit woods and silent, moonlit meadows. We sometimes met with others and enjoyed their company for a time before moving onwards, deeper into the woods until we once again found the hut with its silent guardian.

And so I have continued, slipping into and waking to worlds after worlds. My companion and I separated some time ago, each sleeping or waking into our own worlds. There have been others, though none as delightful as they, and I find myself from time to time wishing I would sleep or awaken to find them again sharing my hut with me, their dream suit hanging beside the door.

But this is not that which is troubling me. Though the worlds through which I sleep and dream are many, they are not forever. The huts are becoming harder and harder to find, their guardians more and more reluctant to leave. And, as I explore, I am beginning to encounter those not wearing suits, those who seem to belong to the world in which I am only a visitor.

I have become afraid that some day I will sleep or awaken to a hut in which there is no suit. In that world I will remain. I think of my companion and wonder if this is what became of them, and of what will become of me, as I watch the spiraling stars over the clearing, standing beside the hut whose guardian stands silently waiting for me to enter.

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