• Kerbal Space Program – First Orbital Mission

    OK, let me see if I can walk you through an orbital launch in Kerbal Space Program. I’m going to start by designing a new-pilot-friendly ship. This can get to orbit and have plenty of fuel left to play around with when you get there. It’s a bit over-engineered but also shows some concepts that will help a lot when you move up to bigger ships. Go to the VAB and start a new ship. I like to start with the Mk 1 Cockpit just because the in-vehicle views are nicer. Switch to the “Utility” tab and add a Mk2-R Radial-Mount Parachute right behind the cockpit. (It will clip through the cockpit but that is OK; try to make the “bottom” end of the parachute just above the bottom of the cockpit.) Drag the cockpit higher in the assembly building; we’re going to need space to put things below it. Now go to the “Structural” tab and select the TR-18A Stack Decoupler. Put it on the bottom of the cockpit. Now when your mission is complete you can separate the cockpit from the final stage and the parachute will let it float gently back to the surface of Kerbin. Let’s move on to the actual rocket part. Switch to the “Control” tab and put a S.A.S. Module and an Advanced S.A.S. module below the decoupler. (Be careful these two don’t clip inside each other; that sometimes causes problems.) Then switch to “Propulsion” tab and put a FL-T800 Fuel Tank on

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