• After Action Report – Eclipse Phase: A Tale of the Fall

    Recently I wanted to try something different for our semi-regular role-playing group. I had recently picked up Eclipse Phase after having it recommended by another player and wanted to try it out. I managed to convince the rest of the group to try a one-shot game of it and I offered to GM. Since Eclipse Phase is a bit more complex in both setting and rules system than the games we usually play I decided to use an idea I had seen used in a Role Playing Public Radio Actual Play podcast. Basically they ran the game as a “programmed introduction” to the game, similar to the way a video game will have several “tutorial” levels as the first few encounters. I would introduce both game concepts and the background of the world as we played. To do this, I used pre-generated characters but I had several copies of each character sheet, each with different parts of the sheet blacked out. This way the players would only be exposed to a limited amount of information at a time. The characters all had generic names like “The Doctor”, “The Soldier” and “The Detective”. All were standard Splicer morphs. I wound up with four players. They experienced… Eclipse Phase: A Tale of the Fall I had pitched the game to the players as horror/sci-fi and gave Dead Space and Event Horizon as examples. As we started, I described the world as being like Blade Runner; hypercorps and a small group of the

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