• 14 k of g in a f p d… What does it mean?

    So, what is this? A while back on The Straight Dope Message Board someone posted a puzzle they had come across. The puzzle consisted of nothing but “sentences” like: 12 I in a F 29 D in F in a L Y You were supposed to determine what these statements were by replacing the letters in them with a word. For example, the above two statements are solved by: 12 Inches in a Foot 29 Days in February in a Leap Year Every statement in the puzzle was quickly solved, with one distinct exception. 14 K of G in a F P D No one was ever able to come up with a good solution to this one, though many ideas were tossed out. 14 Kinds of Gas in a Full Petroleum Depot 14 Kinds of Goose in a Fancy Parisian Diner Unfortunately, none of them seemed to be the “obvious” answer. As time went on, the answers became more and more esoteric. 14 Kings of Greece in a Full Ptolemaic Dynasty 14 Kinds of Grace in a Full Puggalika Dana The riddle never got solved satisfactorily and eventually the thread about it faded away. 14 Kinds of Grass in a Floral Park Display 14 Kinds of Guns in a Florida Police Department Flash forward a few years. I’m getting notices from my ISP that I’m exceeding both the space and bandwidth on my free web space; it’s time to find a permanent URL for my site. But what URL

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